“Blink” reports- ‘The Overview’

Here’s your bonus post to finish off a week of showcasing our beautiful and brilliant reports (yes, these are my words, but I’m sure you’ll all agree). For the past few days, and earlier today, we have shared with you some highlights from our product focused womenswear retail reports. Here we have a look at our biggest report, running at 110 gorgeously glossy pages. This report is the most recent addition to our offer, and contains highlights from all of our other reports. Its the perfect tool for brand managers, retailers, designs, buyers and manufacturers who deal with multiple product types.

If you’d like to know more about our reports and consultancy services, why not have a look here and either contact us directly or get in touch with your nearest agent. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy!

“Blink” reports- ‘Denim’

Thanks goodness it’s Friday. And to add to your reasons to be joyful, we have not one but two posts for you today. I know! We’ll start with ‘Denim’ just to round up our posts on our category specific reports for the week. You’ve already been treated to jersey, knit, soft wovens and print. You may have noticed that the format is pretty much the same through the reports, but it isn’t identical. Each report subject has its idiosyncratic moments, just to ensure that particular product type or subject is presented at its absolute best.

The ‘Denim’ report definitely has its own approach. There are no colour palettes in here, but we do run a few pages that highlight particular stories within the denim and casual wovens category, whether its about colour, pattern, treatments or trims. There are lots of close ups and cut outs though this report ensuring that you see all of the detail that goes in to making a style particular to a brand, and inspiring you to come up with new approaches to your own denim personality.

As with the other reports we have previewed this week, we have a few key pages from the report for you in this post. In total, this particular edition ran at over 45 pages, so there’s lots more for you to see. If you’re interested in checking this out, or seeing the full editions of any of our reports, why not have a look here for our contact details, or those of your nearest agent. Enjoy!

“Blink” reports- ‘Soft Wovens’

Today we welcome you to the wonderful world of ‘Soft Wovens’. This is an increasingly important category, playing host to most of this season’s hottest styles. This has been the story since around this time last year when we saw a surge in interest in soft, light weight, diaphanous maxi’s, the pussy bow blouse and 70’s inspired evening jumpsuits. This Autumn Winter this category plays host to all of the brilliant midi skirts, from full and swishy to hobbling pencils.This is also where you find all of the brilliant shirt variations, translated into silky base cloths and worked in colour blocked beauty. Want to know what has happened to the perfect T shirt? Well, it’s now to be found in the ‘Soft Wovens’ department, made of a refined woven base cloth instead of jersey.

So, from that summary, we’re sure that you are either, as a retailer, dedicating lots of creativity and floor space to this section of your range, and as a shopper, we’re pretty confident that you are buying into this department on a regular basis. It’s an easy report to fill every month at the moment, with a constant influx of inspirational creativity hitting the high street. Have a look at a few of the pages from the last report that we published, but please do note that these are just the tip of the report iceberg as there were over 45 pages in this report in total, all packed with fantastic product shots, colour palettes, streetstyle and even a little vintage.

If you’d like to see more on this report, or the others in our offer, why not sneak a peek at the full portfolio by clicking here, or contact us or your nearest agent to see the whole of each report in their impressive printed form. You can find all the relevant contact details by clicking here. Enjoy!


“Blink” Reports: ‘Jersey’

So, we started our week of showcasing our reports yesterday with the ‘Print’ report and so here we are on to our next title which is ‘Jersey’. I think this is what the Americans call ‘Cut and Sew’. Am I right in thinking that? Anyways, this is one of the reports where you get super hot season’s where lots of topical stuff is being done in jersey, and then you get periods where its all about underpinnings, simplistic shapes and more subtle innovation. We’ve been going through a couple of seasons now where the spotlight has firmly been on knitwear and soft wovens. This means that we have to work extra hard to ensure all of you jersey designers, buyers and manufacturers out there still have lots of inspiration and information about what to do with jersey, because it’s still a key element to most brands and collections.

Enjoy this wee peak inside the covers of the last report that we published, and remember that these are only a selection from the over 40 pages that made up the complete report. If you’d like to see more and find out about all of our services, then just click here to find the contact details for your nearest agent and for us directly if you’d prefer. Enjoy!


Blink Reports: November ’11 Print

We haven’t shared any of our reports with you for some time, so we thought it was well overdue for us to tout our wares to you. We’re starting our week long self indulgence with a little look at our ‘Print’ report. This is a preview from one of our five category specific reports. The other reports look at ‘Knit’, ‘Denim’, ‘Jersey’ and ‘Soft Wovens’. These all contain over 130 detailed images of whats looking good on the high street right now, plus a dash of vintage and some inspirational streetstyle. We also add pantone referenced colour palettes to every report bar ‘Denim’. This all combines to ensure that you’re perfectly updated, informed and inspired.

If you’d like to learn more about our reports have a look here. If you are interested in seeing the real deal in glorious technicolour hard copy, why not contact us or your nearest agent? Have a look here for all contact details.


Blink Reports: Autumn ’11 ‘Accessories’

As you may have spotted on our frenzied tweets, August was a hectic month on the reports front. This was the first month when we had 8 reports to issue- and all with masses more pages than ever before… There was a collective sigh of relief when we finally sent the completed artwork to the printers, and smiles of glee when the finished reports arrived back looking incredibly impressive.

This was a mega month because we had the quarterly reports to create as well as the usual monthly ones. In celebration of that fact, we treated you to selected highlights from the ‘Graphics’ report yesterday, and today we have some pages from the ‘Accessories’ report for you. The total report runs at over 55 pages, featuring over 300 inspirational images.

If you’d like to see the full report offer, why not contact us or your nearest agent? Enjoy!

Blink Graphics: Autumn ’11 Highlights

We asked our resident graphics expert, Christian, to select his favourites from the Autumn ’11 quarterly ‘Graphics’ report. He scoured the 300 or so images that make up this report and pulled out those that he felt are the most inspirational and innovative. This is the penultimate issue of this report (boo!) but we have added another new report to our offer which means we have to refocus our energy. We still find graphic art incredibly inspirational, however so we will still be dedicating the occasional post to this theme, as well as adding in some great T shirt graphics into our ‘Jersey’ report.

St Bride at the Vintage Festival

The art of Letterpress is in the process of a massive revival at the moment. Keep your eye out for one off posters and letterpress woodblock fonts. Check out St Bride for lectures and shows, always interesting.

Bacon Street, East London

Bacon Street, East London.

Loving this line drawing graffiti style, differing from the norm.

The Peter Blake bus, spotted at the Vintage Festival

The Peter Blake bus is a wonder, pure British eccentric design.

Buxton Street, East London

Some street art by Anthony Lister, always great to see up. A very interesting artist.

Anthony Burrill

Letterpress goodness by Anthony Burrill. What’s not to like?

Ardingly Antiques Fair

I love old signage, a disappearing art which is a shame. Great reference here.

If you’re interested in seeing more of our ‘Graphics’ oriented posts, just click here. If you’d like to read more about our reports, click here. Enjoy!

The Reports: April’11 Denim

So, this week we have updated ‘The Reports’ tab with the April reports. These were issued at the end of March and feature lots of wonderful Spring Summer product. As they are the life-blood of our business, we decided to dedicate a week of posts to them, to share a little of each report with you all. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the posts this week, and you can look at them all together by clicking on ‘The Reports’ tab any time you like too.

Last but certainly not least is the ‘Denim’ report. It’s always a really interesting one to pull together as its a mixture of huge amounts of continuity and then some really fabulous, swift and speedy micro trends on colour, hardware or treatments. It also covers a pretty diverse product group, hence the name of ‘Denim plus’. This season, so far, we’ve seen n explosion of colour, the continuation and development of heavy metal hardware as well as some great new silhouette updates.

[album id=17]

If you’d like to see more of the reports (the attached gallery is just a preview of the first few pages. There are about 40 pages in each report) then take a look at our list of agents and contact your nearest one- or of course you can contact us directly.

The Reports: April’11 Soft Wovens

Its Friday, so we thought we’d treat you to two reports today. Consider it our gift to you, to say ‘Have an inspirational Friday!’

So, the penultimate in our week’s worth of showcasing the “Blink” reports is ‘Soft Wovens’. Its one of the more recent additions to the monthly portfolio of reports and its doing very well.

If you’re not familiar with this category of product, ‘Soft Wovens’ is a fashion industry term for wovens that are lighter and finer, less structured or constructed than tailored pieces. Its a growing and diversifying area of the market, and probably the most fashion topical for the past couple of seasons. Do have a look at the gallery below. This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as this report goes. After these few introductory pages there are up to 35 more which are packed with great detailed product shots. Enjoy!

[album id=18]

The Reports: April’11 Jersey

I hope that you have all enjoyed perusing the ‘Print’ and ‘Knit’ reports from the past few day’s posts. Today its all about jersey.

Often the backbone of high street collections, but not solely about basics. Jersey has been an interesting category to track, moving from king pin to under-pinning for the past few seasons, but definitely taking the opportunity to shine with the rise of sportswear influenced looks (I’m sure all jersey designers are thanking Alexander Wang!) as well as the new direction in linear inspired silhouettes. If you get this category right, you can pretty much guarantee till ringing success. We aim to help you achieve that through page upon page of detailed, informative and inspirational product shots month upon month, showcasing the best from all levels of London based retailing.

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