“Blink” Lifestyle: Botanic Lab’s Almond Milk with extras

I hope you’re feeling healthier just by reading this week’s posts. Have you made some shapes or blitzed yourself up a veg smoothie perhaps? Well, now it’s time for a sweet treat! And it’s still healthy too!!!

Botanic Lab's Almond Milk

Botanic Lab’s Almond Milk

Even if you are already an almond milk enthusiast, this here is news. I use almond milk instead of cows milk at home, and it’s an acceptable replacement. I would never class it as an exciting prospect though. Then comes the wonder that is Botanic Lab‘s version of this new era kitchen staple. I was prepared for a watery whatever experience when I swigged my first taste. What I actually got was manna from heaven, not too far removed in taste and texture of a blitzed ‘Pralines and Cream’ ice-cream shake. Yes you read that right!

The honey and vanilla give this a subtle sweetness. The coconut oil delivers that silky mouthful that you’d expect from good ice-cream. In combination with the intense nuttiness (not just a pressed ‘juice’ but actually a textural element) this is next level almond milk, as if Ben and Jerry were making it.

Regardless of my ice-cream references, this is actually pretty much pure goodness. This is an ideal weight-loss drink, rich in protein and complex carbohydrates. The healthy fats in coconut oil will boost your metabolism and help dampen sugar cravings, while the natural vitamin E benefits your skin.

You read that right, it tastes like a milkshake and yet it will aid in weight-loss, boost your metabolism and improve your skin!


Now for the only bad news in this whole tale. It makes lumpy porridge. This bad boy is just too thick and rich to use in replacement for standard almond milk. And anyway it’s too good to be cooked with. Just swig it from the bottle and enjoy with no other effort required.

So, it’s official, after this, my third post about Botanic Lab and it’s great products, I am a convert- maybe not yet to the green versions but the isotonic and the almond milk will now be regulars in my fridge.

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