“Blink” Retail: Matthew Williamson

You know, I’ve never really been a massive Matthew Williamson fan. I did have to think twice about my point of view after being stopped in my tracks outside of his Bruton Street store last week. It was a grey London afternoon and I was nearing the end of my caffeine/ sugar high, considering calling it day as far as work was concerned. I can honestly say that the windows made me feel like I was suddenly stood in a ray of sunshine, lifting my spirits and my flagging energy levels.

As always featuring a broadly ethnic/ global fashionista feel, the styles in the store window were a riot of hot colour along with some stunning detail and really lovely silhouettes. I can’t say that they were super directional, or even that cohesive as a collection, but they did certainly deliver on the ‘feel good’ factor- probably helped along by the beautiful balloons scattered amongst the mannequins.

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson

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Blink Retail: Bright Lights, Big City

If I fancy a bit of high end retail therapy I have a special route that fulfills all of my desires. My journey takes me from Liberty, cutting through Hanover Square across to Bond Street, then into Bruton Street, a flit across Berkeley Square and into Mount Street, then a stroll up South Audley Street and the final destination is Selfridges. Its a walk past some of the highlights of international fashion, incorporating some of my favourite names. You can say hello to Martin, Stella, Marc and Matthew as you decide whether you are thinking new shoes, frock or handbag- or perhaps all three?

This week I used the excuse of avoiding Oxford Street and headed on my therapeutic route. When I reached Mount Street, I was struck by the store windows. Some of the brightest and boldest that I had seen- and a joy that they were bereft of ‘final price slash sale bonanza’ signs. Grand scale and lots of wattage seemed to be the order of the day.


Christian Louboutin

Marc by Marc Jacobs