Have a “Blink” ing good Christmas!

So, this is our final post of the year, folks. Its been a momentous 2011 for our business in general, but particularly for the blog. This started out as a place for us to post about all the stuff we couldn’t quite fit into our reports and has become much more than that, mainly due to all of you lovely people who bother to spend some precious time out of your hectic days to check out what we’re posting. Yes, its all for you. You know who you are!

Here’s a shot of very possibly our favourite London Christmas lights. Just behind Liberty on Carnaby Street is this huge, illuminated bunch of mistletoe. If you’d like us to deliver our thanks to you in person, we’ll be under there at 7pm ce soir, puckered up and waiting for you…

Carnaby Street

We hope that we can continue to provide you with information and inspiration in 2012.

Streetstyle: Carnaby Street

Although its become a tourist trap and the location of some pretty mainstream retailers, there is still something essentially cool about Carnaby Street. Its often a great place to style spot very unique and interesting looks. Maybe this is because it’s close to lots of Soho creative offices and the fact that it’s right by Liberty? Who knows- but the fact is, we like to loiter with our camera at the ready and we generally manage to shoot some interesting streetstyle.

Asta spotted this young lady when out last week. We just love how on first look there is something quite vintage and refined, then on closer inspection her style owes a lot more to a punky and hard edged aesthetic. The vintage jacket has been customized by some hardcore looking studs and spikes. The shorts are leather and the shoes are pretty fierce too. Great hair and a very cool attitude just puts the cherry on this particular cake. Enjoy!

Carnaby Street, London

Carnaby Street, London

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Pattern: Computer Generated Genius

We are really enjoying the new wave of prints that seems to embrace both the deliciously textural, painterly prints that are out there and the sharper, almost computer generated looks have been building up too. Its a creative new take on traditional geometrics and one that makes quite an impact. Scale is still super important, with bigger being better. There is blurred softness, depth with levels of shade and tone on some designs which seem to be quite artistically hand drawn, but as seen by the way art is embracing the computer (did you see the beautiful work Hockney created on his ipad?) its so hard to tell what has been created with traditional techniques and what is the result of cleverly using technology…

Here are some of our favourites extracted from the June ‘Print’ report. If you’d like to see more, why not contact your nearest agent?

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Carnaby Street

Swear, Carnaby Street


Christopher Raeburn

Accessories: On the Sunny Side

Its been a glorious couple of weeks and so Londoners have been donning a stunning selection of sunnies to complete their Summery outfits. The newest look seems to to be a Chanel influenced rounded style, but the classic Ray Ban Aviator or Wayfarer is still a good option. Here are some streetstyle shots that we have collected over the past sunny weeks around town featuring some great shady action. We’ve also dropped in a couple of stylish spec wearers too, just because they looked too cool to be left out! Enjoy…

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Carnaby Street

Oxford Street





Broadway Market

Blink Seasonal- Retro Christmas

Well, we can’t quite believe it but its that time of year again! Time to dust off those unwanted pressies ready for a spot of re-gifting (its the eco choice, don’t you know!).

London has embraced the seasonal mood with some lovely (and some not so lovely) decorations gracing the main thoroughfares. Our favourite by a mile are those on Carnaby Street. Its returned to its 60’s roots with some brilliantly kitsch and super cheery inflatables suspended above the crowds. It put a smile on our faces and almost created a feeling of peace and love towards our fellow shoppers. Head down there if your spirits are flagging as you try to search out something small, but perfectly formed, for those on your Christmas list…

Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street