“Blink” Retail: Ding Dong, Selfridges!

Selfridges know how to put on a good show, and this Christmas it’s a show of their Christmas campanology skills. The tall atrium space has been filled with a series of huge, glossy bells that move up and down while ringing out festive chimes. It is really lovely and very atmospheric. Not too schmaltzy, but striking the perfect note (urgh) between sweet and chic.

Selfridges Christmas bells

Selfridges Christmas bells

Selfridges Christmas bells

Selfridges Christmas bells

We love this video showing how the Christmas windows came together too.

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“Blink” Retail: Christmas SOS from Warehouse

This has to be my favourite Christmas campaign. I spotted it on Friday as the Warehouse team installed a screen in the Argyll Street store window. Yes, it all feels somewhat familiar!


The video features a tongue in cheek take on the morning after the office party, working a sweaty palm inducing variation on the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’. After all those cringe-worthy moments, we see the heroine of the piece return to glory as she emerges refreshed and revived in a new get up, delivered in an amazing 90 minutes through Warehouse’s fabulous super fast service.

Alongside this great video campaign, there’s also a competition to win the ultimate party survival kit. Just have a look here at Warehouse’s Facebook page.

Warehouse Christmas SOS competition

Warehouse Christmas SOS competition

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“Blink” Retail: If Dolce and Gabbana did a Christmas market…

We completely fell in love with this window scheme, spotted yesterday on Sloane Street. It’s probably the fact that it combines some of our favourite things (accessories and sweeties) in such a brilliant way. Yes, if Dolce and Gabbana has a Christmas market stall, we would be in 7th heaven…

Dolce and Gabbana, Sloane Street

Dolce and Gabbana, Sloane Street

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Blink Inspiration: I should Coco!

As you saw from yesterday’s post, its all about Christmas out there in fashion retail land, but some brands have decided not to take the sparkly lights and tinsel approach.

At Chanel, Karl seems to have decided that, after all the fun of super shaggy fur, he was on to more of a naive and crafty direction. I’m not so sure what Madame Coco herself would think of these, but we just love these mini Chanel dollies. The likeness is just perfect and the detailing is divine. These petite Coco’s are tucked in and around the mannequins in the Sloane Street store, adding a very appealing ‘tongue in cheek’ touch to their Christmas scheme. Who knew that the House of Chanel had such a sense of humour! Actually, we do remember the Kaiser Karl teddy bears of not that long ago, made by Steiff, so I suppose that a Coco dolly doesn’t seem such a crazy idea. When you are so rarefied and wonderful, what could be more appropriate than poking a little fun at yourself- but obviously in a terribly stylish way?!

Coco Chanel recreated in knit!

Blink Events: Chritmas Lights

So, its all about Christmas right across the London retail scene. Its a festive frenzy of spangly lights and that Wham CD gets dusted off so that we can all hum along to ‘Last Christmas’ as we contemplate the joys of buying for others versus more self gifting!

I thought I’d share the Christmas joy with you via some shots of my favourite Christmas retail looks. On the whole, the high street and department stores seem to have gone for high kitsch this time around, but I have managed to unearth some slightly more tasteful options…

Enjoy and sending you Santa shaped Christmas best wishes!

Linear chic on South Molton Street

Eco energy powered lights at Stella McCartney

Selfridges go super sized with these mega scale disco baubles

Selfridges also have these gorgeous Christmas characters bobbing around the store