“Blink” reports- ‘Soft Wovens’

Today we welcome you to the wonderful world of ‘Soft Wovens’. This is an increasingly important category, playing host to most of this season’s hottest styles. This has been the story since around this time last year when we saw a surge in interest in soft, light weight, diaphanous maxi’s, the pussy bow blouse and 70’s inspired evening jumpsuits. This Autumn Winter this category plays host to all of the brilliant midi skirts, from full and swishy to hobbling pencils.This is also where you find all of the brilliant shirt variations, translated into silky base cloths and worked in colour blocked beauty. Want to know what has happened to the perfect T shirt? Well, it’s now to be found in the ‘Soft Wovens’ department, made of a refined woven base cloth instead of jersey.

So, from that summary, we’re sure that you are either, as a retailer, dedicating lots of creativity and floor space to this section of your range, and as a shopper, we’re pretty confident that you are buying into this department on a regular basis. It’s an easy report to fill every month at the moment, with a constant influx of inspirational creativity hitting the high street. Have a look at a few of the pages from the last report that we published, but please do note that these are just the tip of the report iceberg as there were over 45 pages in this report in total, all packed with fantastic product shots, colour palettes, streetstyle and even a little vintage.

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“Blink” Reports: ‘Jersey’

So, we started our week of showcasing our reports yesterday with the ‘Print’ report and so here we are on to our next title which is ‘Jersey’. I think this is what the Americans call ‘Cut and Sew’. Am I right in thinking that? Anyways, this is one of the reports where you get super hot season’s where lots of topical stuff is being done in jersey, and then you get periods where its all about underpinnings, simplistic shapes and more subtle innovation. We’ve been going through a couple of seasons now where the spotlight has firmly been on knitwear and soft wovens. This means that we have to work extra hard to ensure all of you jersey designers, buyers and manufacturers out there still have lots of inspiration and information about what to do with jersey, because it’s still a key element to most brands and collections.

Enjoy this wee peak inside the covers of the last report that we published, and remember that these are only a selection from the over 40 pages that made up the complete report. If you’d like to see more and find out about all of our services, then just click here to find the contact details for your nearest agent and for us directly if you’d prefer. Enjoy!


Blink Reports: November ’11 Print

We haven’t shared any of our reports with you for some time, so we thought it was well overdue for us to tout our wares to you. We’re starting our week long self indulgence with a little look at our ‘Print’ report. This is a preview from one of our five category specific reports. The other reports look at ‘Knit’, ‘Denim’, ‘Jersey’ and ‘Soft Wovens’. These all contain over 130 detailed images of whats looking good on the high street right now, plus a dash of vintage and some inspirational streetstyle. We also add pantone referenced colour palettes to every report bar ‘Denim’. This all combines to ensure that you’re perfectly updated, informed and inspired.

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Blink Travels: ‘Merci’ for Colour Inspiration

So, as we mentioned in yesterday’s post, the colour statement in ‘Merci’ was just gorgeous. There own label offer consisted of stunningly simple, ultra soft Indian cotton and slubby, easy jersey pieces all in a beautiful tonal palette of red, pink and coral tones. There were flashes of neutral and khaki too, but the overall impression was of this gorgeous, almost sunset feeling collection of colours. The silhouettes were all really simplistic, perfect for their theme of ‘Urban Picnic’ which seemed all about indulging in a relaxed beach holiday vibe right in the middle of the city, from cotton poplin triangle bikinis, ruched cotton mini dresses, throw on T shirt dresses and easy fit kaftan style tunics.

We hope that these shots inspire you as much as the face to face experience inspired us. We have tried our best to express the colours through pantones, but nothing quite compares to the varied base cloths, textures and finishes of the originals.

Merci, Paris

Merci, Paris

Merci, Paris

The pantone colours that we have selected to express ‘Merci’s offer are pearl (pantone 17-2601 TPX), freckle (17-1424 TPX), rouge (19-1557 TPX), burgundy (19-1726 TPX), tomato (17-1558 TPX) and apricot (13-1013 TPX).

For more inspirational colour palettes, just click here. Enjoy!

London Fashion Week, Streetstyle: Slip into Neutral

Here’s some more streetstyle shots for you from London Fashion Week at Somerset House.

Every action has a reaction, and in the case of fashion colour, the desire for brights is balanced by a passion for neutrals. The return to camel toned, warm and luxurious shades has been super topical since the Autumn last year, and it has not gone away. The 70’s mood has created the perfect environment for camel to live on, and in the company of such retro shades as mustard, ochre and rust. At London Fashion Week, we style spotted a little of that palette, but more so we noticed a very soft, subtle and pale neutral direction. Honey, sand, caramel and creamy shades looked chic and ultra wearable. We really love them mixed with pastels too.

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

Click here for more streetstyle, and click here for all of our coverage of London Fashion Week. Enjoy!

Blink Inspiration: Spring into Colour

We spotted this rail of fashion joy when out retailing. I won’t reveal where I cheekily shot this as I want to be able to go in the store again!

The Celine collection is massively influential from a silhouette, textile and mood perspective. We also absolutely love the colour of this early Spring drop. Its was like a ray of Spring sunshine on a very grey London day. Enjoy!

Celine, early Spring '11

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Colour Palette- Neutral meets Bright

I was passing by the lovely Hanina Gallery on Westbourne Grove a little while back when I spotted this painting. I just loved its energy and the combination of texture and colour. I’ve been stashing it on the back burner awaiting an opportune moment to share it with you. Its been a while since we featured an inspirational colour palette, so I decided now was the time to get this post out there.

I think its a great colour, pattern and mood inspiration for Autumn 2011. As we’re working on that season for clients this month, this has been front of mind for us. I think its the way that the artist has combined such rich neurals with those eye popping brights. But it doesn’t jar at all. It shows how you can be bold and brave, even while embracing the all important neutrals.

We have started with saturated black, followed with carbon (pantone 18-3905 TPX), noisette (18-1612 TPX), plaster (14-1310 TPX) and ivory (11-0104 TPX) to cover off the neutrals and soft tinted shades. Then add in rust (18-1250 TPX), tomato (17-1558 TPX), dark turquoise (16-4834 TPX) and cobalt (18-4148 TPX) to cater to those flashes of saturated colour.

a beautiful painting spotted in the window of the Hanina Gallery

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Colour- High Contrast

Its a look that we have featured previously, in various seasons. Its a sure fire winner from a style and a commercial perspective- so whether you are a fashion lover of a fashion brand, this is one for you.

The joy of black and white. Its a timeless combination that’s sure fire stylishly spot on. We have been stashing these streetstyle shots for the last few weeks. Its shows the variety of looks that work within this palette, from wonderfully historical to super flirty, stopping off at graphically sporty along the way.

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Camberwell on the left and Old Street tube on the right

Soho on the left and Saint Martins graduate show on the right

Saint Martins graduate show

Colour Palettes: Softly, Softly

Sorry, its been ages since we gave you a colour palette! The inspiration was long over due, so I was delighted when we spotted this young lady in Notting Hill. I love her slightly juvenile, vintage feeling look. Looking smart, ladylike and all about making a good first impression in a ‘first day at work’ kind of way.

I love the pearly tinted grays, soft black and fresh white combination. I’m not convinced that the shoes completely work though so I’ve left the tan off of our palette. Starting on the left with carbon (pantone 18-3905 TPX), then into cold pink (13-3804 TPX), optic white, pale silver (14-4102 TPX) and iceberg (17-4111 TPX).

Enjoy and click here for more on colour.

Notting Hill

Colour: A Neutral Position

So far this week we have celebrated some lovely, saturated Summer shades, but here is the flip side. For every yin there must be a yang, light needs shade, and brights need neutrals. Camel and tan shades are big news in accessories this Summer and look to be major news across womenswear for Autumn 2010. To prepare your taste level for the onslaught of these more challenging neutrals ahead, the fashion fairies have prepared you a starter pack with these wonderfully commercial chino and fatigue inspired shades.

Being featured right across the fashion landscape, from high street to high end, its a super commercial and somewhat familiar statement. These look really great in a tonal head to toe statement, layered up working textural variations. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is purely a traditionally casual look this Summer. We really love where this gets slicker and smarter, even incorporating a soft spangle from metallic golden tones. Don’t just do what you did last time this was hot however. This season it takes on a new mood and silhouette. We too are excited about the return of the cargo pant, but this time make it super skinny. If you’re using this palette in jersey, make it super fine. Be inspired by army surplus fatigue jackets and over-sized shirts. Knitwear should be slouchy and textural. Spread the influence into sexy soft wovens and more elegant styling for a really fresh take on this look.

For more colour inspiration, click here.




Soho, central London


All Saints