Friday Fun- Boy, Oh Boy!

A very quick post for you before we dash out and head off to London Fashion Week at Somerset House.

I spotted this at Urban Outfitters, and I just had to share with you. Boy London seems to be back! This was THE brand to be seen in if you were a fashion mover and shaker in the late 80’s, in the mix with anything from Demob, Bodymap, oh and Chelsea Girl was a personal favourite of mine. I regularly headed out to the local nightspot wearing a Hunza swimsuit with a Boy London jersey rah rah skirt hoiked on over the top. Its a miracle I didn’t catch pneumonia really!

The aviator was big news then too, but hottest was a satin version inspired by the MA1– ideally a cropped variation on that theme. What goes around and comes around! The saying goes ‘If you wore it the first time around, don’t wear it again’ and I think in the case of Boy and the Aviator, I’m seriously tempted!

Boy London at Urban Outfitters