“Blink” Music: Foals ‘What Went Down’

Better than a double espresso on a Monday morning let me tell you. This is the newest release from Foals, ‘What Went Down’. The video for this hectic and emotionally driven track gives you a little insight into the energy and passion you would witness at a Foals gig. These guys are relentless. One of the best bands I have ever witnessed live.

So here is ‘What Went Down’ from their new album of the same name. Brace yourself.

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“Blink” Music: Foals ‘Inhaler’

I first really noticed Foals when I heard their hauntingly beautiful track, ‘Blue Blood‘. This new track, from their upcoming third album (releasing February ’13) is far more energetic, but still feels related to the dark softness of ‘Blue Blood’. This track rocks out then dips back to their more melodic sound, before taking you into a harder, noisier place again. I love the pace and depth- and the video is weirdly cool too.

There’s some boobs and some vomiting, so if you’re of a delicate nature maybe just listen rather than watch…

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