“Blink” style: What to wear for Spring Summer 2012!

So, here we are in 2012. Happy New Year!

It may well be gale force winds out there today, but we are fully committed to wearing the new Spring looks. To be honest, they may be proceeded by some thermals and then a little concealed under a really big coat, but the key thing is that we’ll be wearing them! In our dream shopping basket for Spring’12, these are the looks we would be investing in. Care of the wonderful Style.com, we’ve trawled the shows and come up with our most adored looks to share with you, from Giles, Stella, Isabel, Clements Ribeiro, Louis Vuitton and Burberry. In reality, we’ll be buying maybe one or two posh bits, and the rest will be created through the magic of the brilliant British high street…


Clements Ribeiro


Isabel Marant

Louis Vuitton

Stella McCartney

Inspiration: Industrie’s first edition

So we were lucky enough to have gotten a hold of a copy of this huge scale new fashion magazine. Industrie hails itself as the ‘world’s first culture of fashion magazine’ so we were super excited to get this into our eager little hands (thanks Chris!).

Well, we’ve all had a good look, a flick, a thorough read, then rested it and had another good look. It’s a bit bemusing. The first half is somewhat dry, a little self indulgent and seems to have been created for the sight impaired (the text is massive!) but the back half of the magazine is delicious. We particularly like the Patrick Demarchelier interview (his work has been a long standing inspiration for our Creative Director) and the Giles Deacon ‘Greatest Hits’. Actually the shoot for the Giles retrospective is beautiful and the detail is goregous in this scale. We particularly loved the manicure on a couple of the shots. Wonder where we can get one of those?

So, now we are eagerly awaiting the next edition of this new mega mag, which is bi-annual. Will it be more like the front or the back of this one? We say more fashion shoots please, more colour, more on a page maybe- just in case the editors-in-chief are reading!

In the mean time, here’s that fab mani we were mentioning…

The opening spread to the Giles Deacon article in Industrie's first edition

Amazing nails in the Giles shoot