Blink Retail: Mulberry gets Upgraded

Mulberry is one of those brands that just ticked along in the background of fashion consciousness for a long time. Now it is fully front of mind for all fashionistas, and we are delighted for this very British label. Mulberry were recently awarded ‘Best Designer Brand’ at the British Fashion Awards and also opened their glamorous new flagship store on New Bond Street. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, they have also posted greatly improved figures for the past six months’ trading- so this brand possesses both style and substance. What a combination!

The New Bond Street Mulberry flagship store is located just a short trot along from the old address (from 41-42 to number 50) but it’s a world away in the retail experience. There are very obvious and luxurious features like the stunning fitting rooms (bigger than some London abodes), spacious layout, stunning wooden fixtures- all offset with a dry stone wall which harks back to the brands heritage. The store also has ecologically sound heating and lighting systems.  Don’t forget to look down when you are instore, so that you don’t miss the 25 brass discs laid in to the concrete floor depicting the lyrics of David Bowie’s Maid Of Bond Street: the work by British artist Jonathan Ellery.

Well, if all of that sounds quite earnest, then take a look at the current window scheme. Mulberry celebrates its iconic ‘Bayswater’ bag by creating a huge inflatable gold version that fills one whole window. On the other side is a glittering selection of smaller, helium filled bag balloons. I had to put my hand firmly into my pockets to restrain myself from grabbing a bunch and dashing off down Bond Street!

Mulberry massive, inflatable 'Bayswater' bag

Mulberry's gorgeous bag balloons

Mulberry's gorgeous bag balloons

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