London Fashion Week: Damaris are “Packing Heat”

At LFW we were fortunate enough to be invited to see this amazing movie which has been created by director, Johnny Green, to showcase the wonderful SS’12 collection for Damaris. Featuring the absolutely stunning Liberty Ross, this movie has some truly explosive moments. Not only is the lingerie utterly enticing, this video is a visual treat. Up until now, this video was exclusive to Vogue, so we are delighted to be the next in line to share it with you.

Damaris have created a really stunning new season collection that features updated variations of their signature peek-a-boo knickers, as well as introducing some amazingly sculptural shapes. The innovative eye popping brights are tempered by sophisticated, classic black options. Combinations of lace, satin, dense and sheer with linear and layering detailing all adds up to a really exciting take on how modern lingerie should look.

Damaris, still from 'Packing Heat', featuring the SS'12 collection

Damaris, still from 'Packing Heat', featuring the SS'12 collection

Thanks to Sarah-Jane Nolan, for sending us the video and for posing for this picture, wearing the wonderful lace ‘ears’ created for the Damaris team to wear at London Fashion Week by milliner, Jess Collett.

Sarah-Jane Nolan, Damaris

If you’d like to see more about London fashion Week, just click here. Enjoy!

Friday Fun- Retro Sexy

We’ve decided to add a new feature. A spot we can add things that are less serious (not that our posts are that intellectual!) and perhaps a bit more random. Hopefully there’s still an element of inspiration in there for you.

The inaugural post is dedicated to a car boot sale discovery. Just before our short Summer break we came across a stash of fantastic late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s ‘romantic’ novels. These are books that I used to see my Mum reading when I was a kid. They were passed around from Mum to Mum with a knowing nod and a twinkle in the eye. Now I’m old enough to read them myself I understand the sneaky winks that went along with trading these paperbacks. My goodness they were steamy! Along with Shirley Conran’s ‘Lace’ and Jackie Collins‘ ‘The Bitch’, we found ‘The Love Machine’ by Jacqueline Susann who also wrote ‘Valley of the Dolls’. I fell in love with the cover as much as the contents so wanted to share it’s retro sexy look with you too…

When looking into Jacqueline Susann for this post, we came across this amazing YouTube clip of Judy Garland being interviewed and wardrobe fitted for Susann’s most famous book and then hit movie, ‘Valley of the Dolls’. There are some really fantastic looks. Hope you like it.

Happy Friday, Lucy

The wonderful early 70's look of 'The Love Machine'

The author, Jacqueline Susann looking perfect in Pucci 'lounge pyjamas'