“Blink” Stylish Steals: Plumen lights up our life

This is the second installment in our ‘Stylish Steals’ series of posts. Did you see the first one about the lovely Muji candles? Well, we now move on to a product that I first spotted in a River Island fitting room, looking rather stylish and innovative, and then saw again in Merci who actually sell this wonderful product. Nope, it’s not a hot Autumn fashion trend. In fact this post is about a wonderfully stylish light bulb!

Plumen light bulbs, in standard and baby sizes

Plumen light bulbs, in standard and baby sizes. Photograph by Andrew Penketh

This is no ordinary light bulb. This is the Design Museum’s ‘Design of the Year 2011’ award winning light bulb from Plumen. Aside from being visually incredibly pleasing, this bulb is also highly energy saving and lasts around 8 times longer than traditional bulbs. So its a win win for the aesthetic and the ecologist in your household. We bought a few for “Blink” Towers and they cast a really clean, bright light without that annoying warm up time of standard energy saving bulbs, so they come with our full stamp of approval too.

clustered Plumen bulbs

clustered Plumen bulbs. Photograph by Petr Krejci

Plumen light bulb

Plumen light bulb in 'Work Lamp Gold' by Design House Stockholm

Plumen light bulb

Plumen light bulb. Photograph by Ian Nolan

The Plumen bulb was created by London based company, Hulger in collaboration with industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson. Excitingly, the company is working on some new lines of bulbs to be launched in the coming months, as well as commissioning more lovely lampshades that perfectly compliment the genius light-bulbs.

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Blink Events: Super Design

Last week, the Inn team invited me to join them at the Super Design exhibition in Victoria House, Bloomsbury. We were expecting something much more art oriented, as this was the same week as Freize was being held, but in fact this was product, lighting and furniture oriented- perhaps this would have been more at home as part of London’s Design Festival?

This was the 4th Super Design exhibition, the brainchild of gallery owner Patrick Brillet. The mission of Super Design is to bring together collections from leading international galleries and pioneering designers, featuring specially commissioned, unique and limited edition pieces from galleries including The Apartment, D&A-Lab and Vessel Gallery.

It was an intriguing selection of diverse products, styles, materials and aesthetics. We spotted things that we hadn’t previously seen from designers like Tom Dixon, as well as seeing things from designers that we hadn’t previously know, like the amazing folded paper shade from Michael Young.

Here are some of our favourite pieces. Enjoy!

Vessel Gallery, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert 'Clouds'

D&A Lab Dimitri Vangrunderbeek 'Unit #1'

Herve van der Straeten 'Console Cristalloide no. 387'

The Apartment, Broderie Neill 'Reverb Wire Chair'

The Apartment, Marcus Tremonto with Kidrobot

Tom Dixon 'Pivot 2007'

The Apartment, Michael Young 'TST Lamp'