Blink interviews: Nuit Comme Oui

Our brilliant “Blink” contributor, Asta, was in Copenhagen the other week and caught up with Natasja Qvitzau Lund, owner and creator of Danish brand, Nuit Comme Oui which is a small, conceptual womenswear label founded in 2009. The core brand aesthetics are based around the concepts of origami. All designs are folded from a square of fabric, creating experimental and innovative draped effects.

Do you ever consider commerciality, or is your work purely driven by creativity?

I think I just try to run those two things together. To involve creativity in the commercial part and the other way around. It is clear that I am a commercial designer in the sense that I am trying to sell my clothes. I myself am driven by creativity. It’s the one thing that keeps me going. I would only do this as long as I think it’s fun and it’s the creative part that’s the fun part.

What’s currently inspiring you?

Origami is my continuous inspiration. It is the actual concept, which provides the framework for my universe. It occurs both in the design process, on logo hangers, in the styling for photo shoots, and in the brands philosophy.

The reason I chose the notion of origami as my concept is mainly because I find it interesting to experiment with the contrast between sharpness, geometric shapes and forms and softness of materials.  I use no trims, the clothes must be symmetrical. All my designs arise from a square piece of cloth, folded into something. If I know from the start that I want to make a jacket or a dress, I’ll have to fold my way. There are many challenges in it. Partly I have to note whether it falls neatly on the body and that it plays well altogether as a piece of clothing, obviously I need to assure that it is possible to move around in it.

Any future projects that you would care to tell us about?

Currently I am working on a project together with a band called ‘Farven Fornem’. In the project I design a performance outfit based on my interpretations of their music. I am also in dialogue with other musicians about performance outfits. Performance is one thing I would like to work more with in the future. Involving my brand concept in another context, is a challenging and exiting thought.

In addition to this I have plans to make another collection with the graphic designer Karen Segall, but this time it will be  an entire limited edition collection, only in print.

What would your alternative career have been?

In fact, I’ve always wanted to become a designer.

What’s your proudest career moment so far?

Starting Nuit Comme Oui, and the fact that it is actually still running. I have always had some idea that I would have my own label one day but I never imagined it being this soon.

Natasja, founder of 'Nuit Comme Oui'

A collection of inspiration objects in the studio

Natasja in one of her origami inspired jackets

Nuit Comme Oui

Nuit Comme Oui

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