“Blink” Reports: April Extras!


So, I woke up thinking that we don’t tell you about our reporting enough. The blog is just one aspect of our business. The majority of the team’s energy is actually focused on creating a fabulous set of retail reports each month. We also work with various aspects of the fashion industry as creative consultants, from supporting brilliant start ups to teaching at LCF to forecasting for big high street brands (the list goes on!).

This month we have a great promotional offer on our reports. If you place a subscription order for 6 months, you will receive 7. If you place an order for 12 months, you will actually receive 14. Wowsers! So if you’re a supplier, manufacturer, brand, buyer, designer, creative director then this could be a brilliant tool for you. We create monthly reports by category (soft wovens, denim, jersey, knitwear and print) as well as a wonderful ‘Overview’ report that contains the best bits from all of the other reports. Each quarter we also issue a bumper edition all about ‘Accessories’.

Here are the first few pages from last month’s ‘Overview’, just to give you a sneak peek. If you’re interested, would like to know more or see more just have a look here to find out who your nearest agent is.


The Reports: Launching our new ‘Overview’ report

So, in response to popular demand, we have added a huge merged report to the monthly portfolio. Taking the highlights from our five category specific reports (jersey, denim, knits, print and soft wovens) plus an extra treat of information from our quarterly reports (accessories and graphics) we have created a 100 page monster of a report which is fit to bursting with information and inspiration. I believe in the magazine world, such a weighty tome is known as a ‘cat killer’ due to the hefty thud when it falls through your letter box, so all we can say is that this report comes with an additional disclaimer- keep small pets away from the door when your postie is due to arrive!

Here are some highlights from the March’11 inaugural edition. We hope that you like it and suggest you contact your nearest agent to place your order quick smart!

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To see more of our reports have a look here, or take a minute to flick through the galleries on this dedicated ‘Reports’ page.