“Blink” Music: Lion Babe ‘Wonder Woman’

Here’s our Music Monday post and it’s so hot off the presses there’s no video yet. Keep an eye out for one though as it’s sure to be very cool.

This is Lion Babe, an American duo made up of producer/multi-instrumentalist, Lucas Goodman, and singer-songwriter, Jillian Hervey (who is gaining additional notoriety for her amazing lush locks). There signature funky sound has been enhanced on this track by the inclusion of Pharrell Williams‘ skills producing and contributing vocals.

I love Hervey’s vocal tone as well as her femenist vibe- reminding me lots of Eryka Badu but in a less incesey way, although just as super cool.

This band is looking to go far in 2015 with this accessible yet innovative sound. ‘Wonder Woman’ is taken from their debut album which is dropping imminently. Watch out for it as based on this, I think it’ll be a goodun.

Half of Lion Babe, Jillian Hervey (image with thanks to Pinterest)

Half of Lion Babe, Jillian Hervey and her famous hairdo (image with thanks to Pinterest)

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“Blink” Music: RDGLDGRN ‘Million Fans’

The new number one on our list of bands we want to see live ASAP. Back to the old skool roots of hip hop when artists were wordsmiths commenting on social and political stuff with wit and killer rhymes.

This Virginia based trio, RDGLDGRN, is made up of guys who are known as Red, Gold and Green, hence the band’s name, and they came together in 2011. Red plays guitar. Gold is on bass and vocals. Green is on vocals and guitar. They can also be identified by the fact that they dress in their colour too. In their pretty short career they swiftly came to the attention of some big industry influencers, having already worked with Pharrell Williams and Dave Grohl.

They played SXSW and are listed for some other hot US festivals this year, but no sign of them on the Brit festival circuit yet. Can someone please sort that out ASAP? Thanks.

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