“Blink” Travels: Flying- travel in style

Since the beginning of the year I seem to have been on a pretty regular round of packing and unpacking suitcases, double checking I have my passport and triple checking all of my flight details. It’s been a wonderful time of travelling for clients, on research trips, on mini adventures and to spend time with far flung family. The next trip is all about spending 2 weeks doing as little as possible as I head away for my Summer hols. To make sure I have the speediest journey from home to sun lounger (with cocktail in hand), I have decided to opt for a hand luggage only flight.

With a bit of careful planning this doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on any of your luxuries or outfit changes, although to be honest I plan to pretty much be living in my bikini. A big tip from me is to choose tried and tested favourites from your Summer wardrobe, work with a pretty tight colour palette and then add in some bold accessories to help you make a small selection seem like a full Kim K’s closet of choices.

First you have to get your travel outfit right. I like to choose something that will get some wear through my hols too. I pretty much always choose jeans. Stretch Jamies from Topshop are a fav and really comfortable even for long haul.  This time I’ll be wearing those jeans with a kinda Chloe inspired swingy top from H&M. That way I start to get my holiday vibe going, and it also saves it from getting creased in my carry-on! My go-to handbag is this small but beautifully detailed fringed clutch from Oasis. It’s big enough for my wallet and all important documents but small enough to make sure I can see everything in it at a glance (I’m a bit of a checker).

My Summer holiday travelling outfit: Topshop jamie jeans, H&M top and Oasis clutch bag. Blink `London fashion blog, travelling in style, summer holiday

My Summer holiday travelling outfit: Topshop Jamie jeans, H&M top and Oasis clutch bag.

If the airline is getting sniffy about one bag only per passenger I know that I can easily stuff this weeny handbag inside my carry-on suitcase. Actually as an aside, I would always suggest you quadruple check what number and size of bags your airline allows so you don’t get caught out. I found this table from Purple Parking really helpful as a good reference for that very thing.

My Summer'15 favourite sandals, fashion blog, Blink London, wedge sandals

My Summer’15 favourite sandals

Next is the shoes. I am in love with these nutty metallic gold wedge numbers. Perhaps you saw my video of them on Instagram? Well, wearing them not only makes my outfit more fabulous, it also frees up a ton of space in my suitcase. You see, not just a pretty face!

My 'carry on' beauty must haves!

My ‘carry on’ beauty must haves!

And talking of a pretty face, when working just with carry-on luggage and the volume restrictions you have to be extra smart. I use my Heidi Klein pouch as the clear bag required for liquids, and then when I’m away it reverts to its intended purpose as being a wet bikini bag. Having this pre-packed means no fuss for the security check. Any of my holiday favourites that come in small enough bottles get to come with, and then once you’re through security you can stock up on anything bigger in duty free.

I always fly makeup free with a generous slathering of moisturiser. Once safely in the air, I give my skin a freshen up with a Simple Micellar cleansing wipe and then pop on some Rodial Dragon’s Blood face mask (it doesn’t show so nobody need know!). You’re about to inflict lots of sunshine, seawater and aircon on your skin so my number one piece of advice is to ensure you’re maxed out on moisturisation from start to finish of your trip. I them swoosh on a bit of bronzer, mascara and a dash of lippy just before landing (no need to frighten the locals).

So there you have it, my plan to a happy and stylish holiday, even when travelling light. Roll on my departure date! For more of our posts about our travels, take a look here.

“Blink” Stylish Steals: Nip+Fab = Brilliant Beauty Bargains!

Here’s the third in our series of ‘Stylish Steals’. It’s the spot where we feature all of those amazing discoveries that punch well above their weight in price versus performance, impact and quality. In other words, smart shopping and a bargain too. It’s an eclectic mix of products, but all of them share the fact that they enhance our lives on a daily basis, and leave us feeling rather smugly clever while doing it!

We move on to beauty today. Not a day goes by without the new must have, you are not a true woman without this, you will be a wrinkled prune if you don’t buy it, ooh those bags dear, life enhancing wonder cream being foisted upon us. I know this because I am highly suggestible when it comes to skin care and beauty, never knowingly left behind when there’s a new innovation to be slathered all over. In addition to my suggestibility, I also have very sensitive skin so sometimes these new anti-aging solutions only make me look younger because they give me a rash that could be mistaken for teenage zits… Oh the joy.

With all of that in mind, it is with great pleasure that I share one of my recent skin care crushes with you. These products actually do what they say they’re going to do. These products are really well priced. These products work for me and my sensitive skin, without scrimping on the impact and benefits. These products are available from my retail guilty pleasure, Boots. I am talking about Nip+Fab, the accessible line from Rodial founder, Maria Hatzistefanis. And in particular I am talking about their brilliant glycolic line.



Lets start with a quick note about what glycolic acid can do for you. It’s a naturally derived, active ingredient that helps to shed those dead surface skin cells, revealing fresh, peachy and glowing skin underneath. The first Nip+Fab product that I added to my routine was the Glycolic Fix exfoliating pads. If you’re feeling a bit sallow, maybe you have a bit of a break out or just generally need a bit of help looking perkier, then a quick swipe with one of these pads with do the trick. The pack says to use them once or twice daily, but actually I only use them two or three times a week, just before bed so that they have the whole night to get stuck in renovating my chops.

After enjoying the benefits of the pads for a while, I noticed that they had a glycolic scrub. Yes, I could be accused of looking for a harder hit after being drawn in by the pleasure of using the pads… This scrub, when used in combination with my Olay Pro-X Cleansing System brush, is almost like administering a home version of microdermabrasion! This is serious stuff with the triple action benefits of glycolic acid, salicylic acid as well as the scrubby micro-beads. As a side note, it also smells deliciously of grapefruit. This stuff really works, delivering a polished, clear skinned face that is perfectly prepared to receive your favourite serum or moisturiser, which will then work better for you too.

As a good marker for a product’s effectiveness, what could be better than receiving compliments? Well, I can tell you that I have received quite a few of them on my fresh faced appearance, and not only from people who wanted me to buy things from them or who need a favour from me. Result!