Blink guest blogs for the CSF: ‘Joy’

Here’s the guest blog post that I wrote for the Bulletin, the brilliant blog for The Centre of Sustainable Fashion.

So, the subject matter this month is ‘Joy’ and this one turned out not to be quite as straight forward as I first imagined. I was thinking of posting pictures of things that bring me joy, and then I realized its not really these things that bring joy but moments, relationships and experiences. An unexpected smile and things seen out of the corner of your eye just get your heart fluttering far more than a new pair of shoes. Actually, scrub that- shoes are one of the only ‘things’ that will always bring joy, until they make your tootsies ache or give you a blister!
I realized that we all spend most of our day working and so I decided to think about what brings me job in my working life. Joy in your day job is not always something that’s achievable, but for those of us lucky enough to be perusing our dreams its a definite box to be ticked when you are sense checking the path that you have chosen. I thought I’d put the question out there to creative friend’s of “Blink” and here are some really lovely answers which I hope you will find inspiring…

Victoria Brotherson, Founder of ‘Scarlet and Violet’:
“When we get the first box of English sweet peas of the year I know the day is going to be a complete breeze. That is a truly joyful feeling. Also I am lucky enough to laugh a lot at work, mainly at my own and the team’s general gooniness, which is a tremendous joy. Then there are the moments of pure delight that we see on a customers face when they collect a bunch of flowers and they leave the shop. That is a weird combination of pride, relief and joy!”

Steve Wallington, Founder and Creative Director of ‘Inn London’:
“Everything!  I hopefully have managed to carve out a job that allows me to do all things I love. From meeting new & interesting people whilst traveling, documenting this through film and script and then curating and exhibiting the most talented people from across the globe. Cant get much better can it?”

Dilys Williams, Founder and Director of ‘The Centre for Sustainable Fashion‘:
“Its all about the people! And curiosity and surprise and great clothes – but mainly its the fact that my work offers me the opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas and actions with some of the most incredible thinkers, doers and collaborators that you’d wish to come across.”

For me, I find joy in seeing my business, “Blink London”, evolve, develop and grow. You may launch your business with a fixed mission in mind, but if you don’t let the market’s changing requirements, your customer and your growing experience all combine to shape and tweak that initial plan, you may not have a business for long. I always feel joy when I complete a project and deliver it to a happy client (as well as feeling relief!).  I also get a real frisson of joy when I find something or someone that inspires me, just like the three people I have quoted above always do. Thanks to all of them for getting involved.

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