“Blink” Music: The Maccabees ‘Marks to Prove It’

If you watch this you can forgo your morning caffeine hit. The song in tandem with the rather stress-inducing video will get your heart pumping better than any double espresso. Phew.

‘Marks to Prove It’ is exhausting and exhilarating. The musical equivalent of a massive surge of adrenaline. Not only is it a stunner of a track, it’s also the first we’ve heard from The Maccabees in AGES! The band have been locked away creating their new album, leaving us bereft of their unique, innovative, raw, British sound. I personally cannot wait to hear the new album. Hurry up Maccabees and give us some more details!

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“Blink” music: we heart The Maccabees

We LOVE The Maccabees, and we think you will too- maybe you already do! Here’s the video of their latest single, and their new album, Given to the Wild, comes out today. They’re playing at Koko in Camden on the 24th January. See you there!

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