Blink Discoveries: Virginie Castaway, Paris

Its been about six months since I was last exploring Paris. It really felt a little too long and I was so excited to be going back. The room at my favourite hotel, Mama Shelter, was booked and I scored a deal on Eurostar. All was looking sweet until I went to get more euros and realized the exchange rate would make Paris as expensive as Tokyo. Where did I leave my thermos flask and Tupperware lunch box…?

The good thing about my extended absence was that I really noticed a change when wondering around my favourite retail haunts. There is a buoyancy, an energy and a wonderful creativity that is lacking a little in other fashion centres. As we dipped in and out of the intertwining streets of Le Marais, we came across a new store on rue Debelleyme, with an intriguing new name- Virginie Castaway.

Virginie’s Paris based business was born in 2006, after she spent some time in Australia soaking up the sunshine and beach-life. The collection is really lovely, sitting alongside Etoile Isabel Marant and Athe Vanessa Bruno, with a dash of Maje perhaps, in both an aesthetic and price sense. There’s a sporty, sexy feel with a touch of vintage detailing- something that innovative French brands are delivering brilliantly right now. It seems to be the new Parisian handwriting, and its really pretty irrésistible!

We found this video of the AW’10 collection online, and also swiped some shots from the Virginie Castaway website- which does have an online shop. There’s a cool Virginie Castaway blog for keeping up to date with brand news too.

in the Marais store

Virginie Castaway SS'11 collection, from the Virginie Castaway website

Virginie Castaway SS'11 collection, from the Virginie Castaway website