The Reports- January ’11 Soft Wovens

So, the next in our week’s worth of showcasing the “Blink” reports is our ‘Soft Wovens’ report. Its the most recent addition to the monthly portfolio and its doing very well. We spotted that there was a whole, very topical and directional section of the fashion scene that we just weren’t reporting on clearly enough so we decided that the addition of the ‘Soft Wovens’ report would really round out our offer.

If you’re not familiar with this category of product, ‘Soft Wovens’ is a fashion industry term for wovens that are lighter and finer, less structured or constructed than tailored pieces. They are more delicate and more formal than the styles that would be featured in the ‘Denim +’ report and do have a more occassionwear bent, but are not exclusively for ‘posh’. Have I sufficiently cleared that up for you? Hope so! Actually, perhaps I should just leave it to the report itself to explain what its all about. Do have a peruse of the gallery below. This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as this report goes. After these few introductory pages there are up to 35 more which are packed with great detailed product shots.


[album id=13]

For more on the reports, do click here to see our dedicated page, updated once per month with the latest issues.

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